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Ellie Weisensel –
Psychic & Spiritual Medium
Medical Intuitive & Energy Healer

Do you have questions that you need answers to?  Did a loved one cross over and you didn’t have closure?  Are you in need of spiritual guidance with everyday issues?  Do you have a pet that is peeing in the house, or beating up on another pet and you need help to figure out why and how to get it to stop?  Is your body in need of energy balancing for physical issues?  Are there spirits that are hanging around you that are messing with you and causing you anguish and you want them gone, but you do not know how to get rid of them?  Are you just curious of the spiritual world and intrigued with what you see here and simply want to learn more?


Then you are in the right place.  There must be a reason that brought you to my page.


I, Ellie Weisensel, Certified Psychic Medium am here to be of service.


As a PSYCHIC, Ellie can provide insight about the present, give clarity of the path you are on so you may use your free will and change the direction of where you are going.


As a MEDIUM, Ellie will communicate with those that have crossed over, whether of the white light, or those on the earthly plain to help with the healing process. 

As an ANIMAL WELLNESS CONSULTANT, Ellie will connect with your pet companion to figure out what is going on in their world to help them improve their lives while releasing the stress that it has caused upon you.   


As a CONDUIT for Universal Energy, Ellie has learned and developed various methods to minimize pain and bring your energy into balance and harmony.  These methods can be used for you and your pets – in person or remotely.


As an ENERGY HEALER, Ellie offers numerous services which can provide energetic relief to your body so it may heal itself. 


As my SERVICE to SOURCE, Ellie offers clearings of spaces and helps lost Souls return to the WHITE LIGHT…..SOURCE GOD.

Services provided include:

Psychic Medium

Medical Intuitive

Spiritual Releasement

House & Property Clearing

Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner

Animal Wellness Consultant

Spiritual Coach

Reiki Master

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